Published On: Thu, Jun 23rd, 2022

Sky offers you £100 to buy its Glass TV but only if order one today

Been thinking of taking the plunge and switching to Sky Glass? Now is a very good time to sign up for this connected telly with those who buy one getting a £100 reward. This cashback comes via a pre-paid Mastercard meaning you can spend the money anywhere that accepts this popular plastic.

If that sounds tempting there’s not long left to take advantage of this offer with it running out at midnight tonight.

Prices for this clever TV start from just £13 per month for the 43-inch model with the 55-inch version costing £17 and the 65-inch starting from £21 per month.

Once you’ve ordered it’s then up to you what channels you want to add with extra services such as Sky Sports and Sky Cinema increasing the monthly bill.


For example, add Sky Entertainment with Netflix and you’ll pay £26 more. Pop Sky Sports on the big screen and that will add £25 with Sky Cinema costing £11.

As a quick reminder, Sky Glass is the first product from the firm that doesn’t need a dish for it to work.

Everything you watch is beamed to the screen via a broadband connection.

Unlike Sky Q, there’s also no hard disk tucked inside the telly with shows and movies available via a Playlist function which uses catch up services to watch shows you may have missed.

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