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Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day and Srilankan Tamil genocide. Gave severe pain by Mullivaikkal

Mullivaikkal Remembrance Day and Srilankan Tamil genocide. Gave severe pain by  Mullivaikkal

Mullivaikkal Remembrance

The greatest massacre of the 21st century, the crimes against humanity and the human catastrophe are the first in the history of this century to record the massacre of Tamils at Mullivaikkal.

Pregnant mothers, infants, children, boys, young people, young women, men, women, the elderly, the disabled, the sick were massacred without any distinction.

Mullivaikkal is a coastal village located 6 km north of Mullaitivu town in the Mullaitivu district of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

But today it has become a word that is uttered daily by all Tamil people around the world and is widely spoken of by global political and human rights activists.

The village is a sandy plain bordered on the east by the Indian Ocean, on the west by the narrow Nandi Sea, on the south by the Vattuvakal estuary and on the north by the Valaignar Madak village.

Mullivaikkal was a dockyard during the pre-Christian period when the maritime trade culture spread to the northern part of the island of Ceylon.

Various historical docks are found in the northern part of Sri Lanka. The currents and monsoon winds in the Bay of Bengal made it easier to sail ships from the Indian subcontinent to the north of Sri Lanka.

That is why the coastal villages of the northern coast of Sri Lanka became ferry ports. It was in that line that Mullivaikkal became a ferry port.

Such a long-standing Mullivaikkal region did not lose its significance even after the European conquest of Sri Lanka. It was an important race during the Portuguese rule, the Dutch rule and the British rule.

Also, the coastal area adjacent to Mullivaikkal was the best salt producing area during the British rule. Betel cultivated in Mullivaikkal village was of great value in those days.

Mullivaikkal betel leaves are more expensive and more competitive. Shrimp caught in the Nandi Sea waters are known to be the most delicious. It was published in the Manual of The Vanni District (Nothren Province) 1895 by j.p. Lewis, the then-English district officer, was quoted as saying.

History has it that this thorny issue was the last place where Bandaranaike was seen fighting and revolting against British imperialism. That is to say, Bandaravanniyan marched on the village in 1811 for a reconnaissance operation to attack the British forces in the Mullivaikkal area.

He was the one who betrayed Bandara Vanniyan to the British. Instead, the fictional character of the crow Vannian in the Bandara Vannian folk song was fabricated with this Kadirgama Mudaliar.


After this there are no records of anyone seeing Bandara Vanni anywhere in the Vanni. So Bandaravanniyan became silent with thorns.

Nearly two centuries after this historic event, Mullivaikkal became the last place where another Tamil-led leadership was found (May 2009).

Therefore, it has a historical significance as this Mullivaikkal soil is the last soil in the history of Eelam to see two leaders.

After the capture of the Mullaitivu military base, the area was described as an international distribution base for the Tamil Sena. Mankind has seen tens of thousands of battlefields in world history. Every battlefield has gone on to tell every kind of message.

War-torn Mongolian Genghis Khan’s war hysteria against Central Asian nations killed tens of thousands of people. More than a million people died when religious extremist Timur ravaged northern India.

The war that the racist Nazi Hitler imposed on the Jews of the modern world reduced millions of Jews to ashes. The massacres perpetrated by war zealots in Armenia, Kosovo, Albania, Piafara (Nigeria), Sudan, Eritrea, and East Timor have left indelible traces in human history.

 Mahinda Thera came to Eelam as a carpenter following the teachings of the compassionate Lord Buddha. They say he came to preach. But the Rajapaksas he “descended” entered Eelam to carry out the assassination. We saw a similarity between the two. Both journeys took place in the name of Buddhism.

Eelam has seen many Buddhist fanatics. But above all, they identify themselves as Buddhist fanatics and engrave themselves as modern pioneers. These are the greatest crimes against humanity.


The greatest genocide against mankind in the 21st century took place on the soil of Mullivaikkal. Mullivaikkal is a symbol of the genocide of Eelam Tamils.

The loneliness of the lone Tamils performed by the sons of the Tamil nation in that dry soil mixed with milk and weaving is a testament to that. In that soil, the Tamil people fought to the end, flower, pinch, fruit, without any disability or sleep.

The mother was unaware that the baby in her mother’s lap had been shot and killed. On the other hand, the unborn child is breastfed in the mother’s lap. A mother is devastated by the loss of both arms of her baby. Is there any evidence that the fetus was shot in the abdomen of the pregnant mother and that the baby was hanging out through the abdomen?

The plight of the Eelam Tamil people has never been heard in the world for human beings, humanitarians and democrats who speak humanity!

In those days, people were dying in Mullivaikkal, even as diaspora Tamils took to the streets of world capitals to fight for justice.


People starved to death, bombed, wounded and left without medical treatment. They fell prey to the chemical bomb and died. They succumbed to snake bites and venomous bites, and died in congestion.

After all, did the atrocities that took place on May 16, 17, 2009 take place anywhere in the world? But it was not the Sinhalese who buried Eelam in Mullivaikkal alive. Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism buried more than 1,40,000 Eelam Tamils in Mullivaikkal.

It had unleashed on Eelam the most despicable and brutal acts of genocide ever committed by any army in the history of the world. There Mullivaikkal saw the miserable soldiers of the women who had fallen in the field, and the lustful forces who had married the corpse.

Does anyone know the cruelty of the Sinhala army to cut the chests of dead women? There are so many more atrocities that cannot be told in human languages and all the atrocities that took place on that thorny soil.

All the atrocities cannot be described in human language! The death cries raised by the Eelam Tamil people in Mullivaikkal are echoing in the hearts of the Tamil nation as spiritual cries.

Evidence of the loneliness of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) liberation movement carried out by Tamil soldiers to prevent the Sinhala army from carrying out the massacre in Mullivaikkal.

How can we forget the heroic bodies of a few hundred LTTE cadres who fell to the ground in the face of a brutal war waged by international armored technical forces surrounded by tens of thousands of enemies on all four sides?


Will the blood they shed for the cause of Tamil Eelam be wasted till their last breath! How can one forget the miserable thorny life of the four and a half lakh people of the Vanni who were ready to bear the brunt of all the misery for the tireless cause of Tamil Eelam?

The nerves of every Eelam twist when it is called Mullivaikkal. The heart rate will increase, the heart will be heavy and the ideal dream of Tamil Eelam will come to life and guide them.

How did so many qualifications come to that thorny leg ?. Poison garlands fell on the field, and the bodies of the frightened were destroyed there, and the chicks were mutilated and mutilated. After thousands of years of history, Tamil Nadu played on the battlefield. That thorny issue raises the question of how to bear the brunt of the war.

During the final battle, the Tamil people sought refuge in the Mullivaikkal area. Sinhala chauvinism carried out a massacre in the area as four lakh and twenty six thousand people were displaced within the area. An official of a multinational charity One person referred to Mullivaikkal beach as the longest toilet in the world.

Another official described it as the world’s longest cemetery and the horrific massacre and destruction of Tamils in the area.

It is also possible to feel the aggression faced by the Tamil people. In the past, the Tamil people were stripped naked and left naked in front of their enemies, as if they were their son before their mother, their daughter before their father, their maid before their superior, their student before their teacher, their student before their teacher.

Manath Tamilinam, who laid down his life for Manam, had to surrender naked to the enemy to save his life on the soil of Mullivakkal. This great scar is going to carry the name of Mullivaikkal in the mouth of the Tamil people.


On January 8, 2014, Bishop of Jaffna Thomas Saundaranayake and the late Bishop of Mannar, Joseph, submitted their submissions to US Diplomatic Special War Crimes Specialist Stephen Rao stating that one hundred and forty – six thousand people had been massacred on Mullivaikkal soil during the final battle of 2009.

An international charity official described the massacre at Mullivaikkal as “the longest cemetery in the world” after seeing human corpses lying helplessly in heaps all over Mullivaikkal.

Similarly, one more official called Mullivaikkal beach “the longest toilet in the world” in 2009 in view of the human tragedy caused by the oppression of the oppressed people in the narrow Mullivaikkal area.

A series of documentaries produced by the world-renowned British media channel Channel-04 after the Mullivaikkal disaster will show the human tragedy of the people killed in Mullivaikkal.

Named the “Killing Field” for the documentary, which showed audio-visual video footage, it exposed to the world the demands of the massacre and the barbaric massacre that took place in the thorny soil.


The Jewish Diary states that between 14,0000 and 16,0000 Jews were massacred on German soil during World War II alone. The Mullivaikkal massacre was similar to the Jewish genocide.

The figure of up to one lakh 40 thousand people killed in Mullivaikkal is shocking. Statistics show that the number of people killed in the first atomic bombing in Japan was one lakh and forty thousand.

It is a sad fact that a similar number were killed in Mullivaikkal. People survived by being trapped in the Mullivaikkal soil and drinking salted porridge provided by the TRO company without food or water medicine for several days without food.


Mullivaikkal Memorial Day has been celebrated all over the Tamil homeland since 2010 to commemorate the famine experienced by the people in the Mullivaikkal soil.

Those who could not walk without food for many days were left without medical treatment and without the use of any kind of machinery, and were trapped in the open like a mob and Tamils were killed in the mud of Mullivaikkal.

The scene on Mullivaikkal was similar to that of Hitler’s “Osvik” massacre camp. The armed struggle for the liberation of Tamil Eelam has brought Eelam Tamils to a standstill in Mullivaikkal. The next stage of the struggle can only proceed from where those people were stationed.


Only by keeping what the armed struggle has finally given to those people can they continue the next historical journey. May 17, 2009 The people of Tamil Eelam, who left the soil of Mullivaikkal on the eve of the conflict of their own sects and attained enlightenment.

Scholars, sages, literary lords, creators, and seers will emerge from those who have gained wisdom from that soil, bearing the pains of the thorny issue. They will be the enlightenment for the coming millennia and the guiding illusions for future human history.

The genocide of the people in Mullivaikkal soil broke the military strength of Tamil Eelam and temporarily overthrew the shadow government of Tamil Eelam. Mullivaikkal is not the end of the Tamil Eelam ideal.

That is the conception of Tamil Eelam. It can be said that Sinhala wrote the conclusion in Mullivaikkal. It is a new stage for the rise of Tamil Nadu. Nowhere in world history has the history of oppressed race been condensed.

Will the oppressed Sinhalese rest? Will the spiritual life of Tamil Nadu, which was condensed in Mullivaikal, be condensed?

The command of history is that the world should be awake, obsessed, clear, and wage war for them tomorrow.who visited it at that time

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