Published On: Thu, Aug 4th, 2022

Cartier Halo Tiara: Kate Middleton ‘stunned’ in £1million royal wedding tiara – pictures

Royal brides are lent a tiara by the Queen for their royal wedding days, and certainly picked a good one. Now famed for her timeless dress sense, Kate’s tiara was a key signal of what was to come for the fashion icon.

The Cartier Halo Tiara is a relatively small royal tiara characterised by its intricate scrollwork, and it is encrusted with plenty of diamonds.

Jon White, Director of leading precious metals buyer Gold-Traders, said: “When the Duchess of Cambridge first arrived at Westminster Abbey donning the dazzling Cartier Halo Tiara, the world was stunned by how well the piece complemented the royal bride.

“The tiara includes 739 brilliant diamonds and 149 baton diamonds, dating back to 1936.

“The Cartier piece was commissioned by King George VI for the Queen Mother and has since been worn by Princess Margaret and the Princess Royal as well.

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“It’s simple, yet elegant design perfectly complimented Kate’s bridal gown.”

Jewellery experts estimate the Cartier Halo Tiara is worth in excess of £1million.

Kate’s decision to wear the tiara on her big day delighted royal fans, as the piece had never been worn for a royal wedding before.

While the current Queen has never been pictured wearing the piece publicly, it is thought to be very precious to the monarch as she was gifted it by her parents on her 18th birthday.

Instead, she often opts for the , a pearl piece that was beloved by the late Princess Diana.

Kate has also previously worn the from the Queen’s collection for state banquets.

As Princess Anne was pictured wearing the Cartier Halo Tiara in her younger years, it stands to reason that Kate’s daughter Princess Charlotte may one day wear the piece.

Charlotte will also likely be able to wear the Spencer Tiara that belongs to the family of her late grandmother, Princess Diana.

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